//Tips and best uses for an Essential Oil Diffuser?

Tips and best uses for an Essential Oil Diffuser?

Inhalation is the most common way that people reap the natural health benefits of essential oils. Essential oil diffusers are the perfect way to diffuse and disperse the small molecules in the essential oil through the air to enter the body. When you inhale, the multiple receptors in your mucus membranes take the smell, identify it, and send sensory stimulation messages to your brain. Your brain then decides how to react based on the molecules in the essential oil. Clever stuff huh?

You don’t need to be suffering or unwell to reap the benefits of essential oil diffusers; you might feel at the top of your game, fit in mind, body, and spirit. Despite this they still offer other fantastic advantages:

  • Start your day on a high note, every single morning. A few drops of wild orange and peppermint in an essential oil diffuser can help you smile all the day through.
  • Welcome people into your fresh smelling home. People will love coming to visit when the juicy sweet orange aroma greets them at the door.
  • Cut through the odours. Did you cook fish for dinner? Or maybe your teen just came home from football practice. Either way, you’ll tame the stench with Sweet orange and tea tree,
  • Send a message to mosquitos: get out. Flies and other bothersome bugs will head back the way they came when you diffuse lemongrass.


Of course, when you’re feeling blue, have a cold, or need a pick-me-up, there’s an essential oil that is well suited for any occasion.

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