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Retro vintage lamps and why we are in love wtih them?

Retro Vintage lamps and why we are in love with them?

It is hardly a new thing for us all to want to sit under a nice, relaxing colour of light, this has been the case for many years. Why though have we gone through a weird decade of changing light trends to come back to an old lighting look, and is it energy efficient?

We love warmer colours as they physically make us feel warmer and more relaxed but traditionally they have not been as power efficient or had quite as good colour rendering (basically the realistic interpretation of what colours you would see under real light). Sadly, in the last 6 or 7 years the ridiculous race for efficiency saw horrible, stark, blue white lighting environments that would be horrendous to work in all day and impossible to enjoy much fun in. They pleased the FM manager of your company or FD who was signing off the costs but in reality were horrid for the workers and I believe can play a big part in poorer mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Then, thankfully we leave work and go to the pub, a restaurant or a coffee shop where the light colours soften up (unsurprisingly) to make us feel comfortable, welcome and happy (while traditionally forfeiting some economy to keep the experience level higher). Now LED filament lamps with the retro colours and lighting look of yesteryear are now making many a pub or restaurant look great and actually can be A++ rated, dimmable and also offer a great and even light spread. No more is the garish blue white tinges to pubs, and we are all a little better for it.

As someone involved in lighting for over 20 years, I am pleased we are creating beautiful and well lit environments again whilst also offering long life products that are also saving energy. As a consumer and avid restaurant visitor I am delighted to be able to see lighting products and colour temperatures (the scale of light colour) being used that match so well with the deep, rich colours of modern establishments.

Long may this continue and we can enjoy our food or beer in technicolour, in places that are cool only in name, not in colour temperature!

We are proud to sell only branded products while scouring the very best value for our customers. 

Tips for buying LED bulbs

There are so many types of LED bulbs in the marketplace and they usually vary from downright dangerous (in every way) to the beautiful (yet staggeringly expensive) and actually this is not an LED related problem. Many years ago, the big lighting manufacturers actually benefitted from the glut of inferior, unbranded lighting products to enter the market and in most trade or lighting sales environments you would see only branded well known goods. This was because the difference between poor and good was not that much (due to the scale of economy of manufacturers such as Osram, Philips and Sylvania). It almost eradicated the low-cost rubbish bulb market and was good for everyone as quality products were still affordable.

With LED we have seen the same thing in that bulbs were really expensive from brand leaders yet we could purchase unknown brands for much less. These low-cost lamps are falling away as people realise they are better served to get a branded, long life product and enjoy trouble free economy.

As they often say, BUY CHEAP, BUY TWICE.

We advocate buying branded to ensure efficiency, life and trouble free operation. No issues with dimming, frequency problems or short life.

We are proud to sell only branded products while scouring the very best value for our customers. 

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