//Loneliness Awareness Week

Loneliness Awareness Week

This week is officially Loneliness Awareness Week and a chance to change the perception around loneliness and help people to understand that feeling lonely is completely normal.

In 2017 Marmalade Trust launched the UK’s first ever Loneliness Awareness Week (LAW) and will now run the campaign annually in June each year. Loneliness and social isolation is something we all can’t ignore.

As social creatures, we need to attend to our loneliness just as we would eat if we’re hungry. Social connections are fundamental to our daily existence and help give meaning and purpose in our lives.

We want LAW to be an occasion where people come together and take actions to connect. We believe everyone will be affected by loneliness at some point in their lives.  For many, it is a transitory feeling but for others, it can become chronic and have a serious impact on a person’s health and wellbeing. LAW aims to generate positive action to help combat it.

Loneliness statistics:

  • Three out of four GPs say they see between 1 and 5 people a day who have come in mainly because they are lonely
    Loneliness can be as harmful to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day
    The UK is the loneliest country in Europe (UK Gov Survey 2017)
    Around 200,000 older people have not had a conversation with a friend or relative in more than a month
    Up to 85% of young disabled adults – 18-34 year olds – feel lonely

To get involved in Loneliness Awareness Week 2019 please keep an eye out for further details on their website www.marmaladetrust.org and social media platforms (twitter, facebook and instagram). It really is a great thing to be doing, thank you Marmalade Trust.

information taken from Marmalade Trust with thanks.

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