//Social Conscience and our own charitable initiative

Social Conscience and our own charitable initiative

Our core business is fundamentally about bringing useful, quality items to the consumer, with many of them being wellness and wellbeing products. We take great pride in being able to market products that could make a difference to our customers. we also though wanted to find a way to support local communities and those within them and with this in mind we have also created a brand new initiative which we hope will do just that.

This is our vehicle to offer 2 useful and important things

  • A charitable initiative that means we can donate part of the proceeds from each event to the charity of your choice (we can donate directly on your behalf or your company can deduct the money directly from event proceeds).
  • We can offer a great in-company shopping experience for employers where employees can purchase an ever changing selection of lifestyle and wellness items easily without even leaving the office or work site. There are no postage or packing charges and the goods are delivered direct to your place of business without any hassle.

We provide everything needed for provision of the events and run around 6 events per year at each venue. Great seasonally selected gifts are offered and sometimes special launch prices can be enjoyed on new products in addition to still making monies for your chosen charity. Our paperwork and flyers are clear and professional, we provide samples of the products and at the end of each event we personally fulfil the orders on site. There are zero costs to the venue and over the year we hope to collectively raise valuable funds for your chosen charity while offering a great shopping service too.

The employer or company simply has to let us use a prominent area within their building or site and liase with us a little to make it the most succesful it can be. We will take care of as much as humanly possible and provide products, enthusiasm and order forms etc.

Currently we are looking for company sites in Reading, Basingstoke, Newbury and Winchester and would be delighted to run through any queries you may have? Because of the investment in time, costs and resource for each event we really try to work with employers who have over 75 employees on each single site (100+ is the ideal to maximise charitable donations) but if you are a little smaller but interested in finding out more please make contact via info@shopinfinity.co.uk or via our facebook, instagram or twitter accounts? If we can make it work, we will try.

If you have read this but are only working in a tiny office, why not spread the word to a friend who works for a larger employer and help connect us with them?

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