//Buyers guide to Essential Oils

Buyers guide to Essential Oils

1, Purchase Pure essential oils rather than any synthetic fragrance oils (see above section on how to see the difference in the marketing) and ensure paraben free.
2, Don’t be fooled by the smell, the content could be simulated. Use reputable companies and those that can offer an MSDS or SDS sheet which will show the physical and chemical properties of the product (what is actually in the bottle).
3, Always only buy essential oil products sold in dark amber or blue glass bottles. Any sold in clear glass can allow the light in and the product to spoil easily. Also those sold in plastic bottles can dissolve plastic and contaminate the product.
4, Read information about the oils you purchase to ensure you use them correctly, responsibly and safely. Whilst essential oils are good for you there are some situations where they are dangerous to pets, children or pregnant women. This e-book covers many topics to help you get safe, healthy use from our oils.
5, Oil should last around 24 months unopened (12 months opened) but if you want to extend the life of the product place it in the refridgerator for longer life (not the freezer).
6, Using essential oils is not an exact science and everyone can respond differently to them so start more cautiously and build confidence. If you have a negative reaction to any oil, cease to use it and seek out medical help.
7, Always keep essential oils out of the reach of children.

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