//Why our new slippy socks are essentials for your Yoga kit bag?

Why our new slippy socks are essentials for your Yoga kit bag?

Slipping or sliding around while trying to Downward Dog in your yoga workout is not what you want and actually could be a little dangerous. Rather than being able to focus on your breathing, feeling the stretch, and a connection with yourself, you invariably end up focusing on not slipping, and your hour of calm could be replaced by annoyance or a lack of Shanti.

While you may like and want to go barefoot in your barre, pilates, dance, or yoga class, you should also keep in mind that wearing the appropriate footwear, like socks, can protect you from  all manner of bacteria and viruses on the floor or mats that can cause many unpleasant things. For this reason, even some gyms also require that you wear socks (and those with grips).

The new Scent and Soul sticky socks have been designed to perform really well but also to be comfortable and look great (because even during exercise we want to look our best, right). We designed the sole to offer maximum grip while looking good, the twin straps help with added comfort and fit (helping with confidence) as does introducing 2 different foot sizing bands. Creating a twin pack with one black pair and one grey pair mean you can be sure they look great with any outfits or colour combos as you concentrate on your Chaturanga while the socks do the floor work.

Scent and Soul are a UK brand based in Hampshire who create gorgeous, quality products in the wellness and wellbeing sector, dedicated to bringing great, affordable products to the market. The folks behind the brand are seasoned professionals with a long and succesful background in creating volume products for the retail and technology sector. Without making a big noise Scent and Soul continue to launch great products that really speak for themselves which is just how it should be.   

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