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Scent & Soul combo pack – ultrasonic diffuser and essential oils set with FREE E-Book

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Ultrasonic diffsuer
– Super silent ultrasonic technology
– Compact, elegant, BPA free design
– 4 convenient time options
– Auto shut off safety feature
– Easily accessible 300ml water tank
– 7 colour option LED mood light

100% pure essential oils gift pack
– 1x Lavender
– 1x Eucalyptus
– 1x Sweet Orange
– 1x Peppermint
– 1x Lemongrass
– 1x Tea Tree

75 in stock


Ultrasonic diffuser
SAFER – EU grade product, Certified and approved to EN60950-1 for complete safety and peace of mind. Immediate automatic shut off feature on run dry

LARGER CAPACITY – Longer running and more effective 300ml tank is easier for longer duration, larger areas or in commercial settings

QUALITY- High quality wood grain finish made from virgin BPA free plastic. Certified Adaptor for superior safety and commercial grade components for optimum life

UK BRAND – Purchase UK stock from a UK business and support local trade as well as enjoying superior service and support

HEALTH BENEFITS – Enjoy many immediate health benefits and access tips, hints and informative information from the Scent & Soul team, allowing you to get the most from your purchase

Scent & Soul 300ml wood grain ultrasonic oil diffuser is packed full of great features so you can get the most from the product. Enjoy the healing power of natural aromatherapy in a safe, compact and attractive diffuser. The whisper quiet ultrasonic diffuser creates cold, safe, mist which as it does not burn the oil means that 100% of the goodness and wellbeing advantages are retained in the oil. There are so many benefits to using our quality Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser such as Mask pet odours easily and effectively Enjoy mood lifting scents in any room or setting and change the LED colour to fit Enjoy a better night sleep Feel improved respiratory benefits to breathe easier through the winter or summer Beat anxiety or stress Commercial grade quality for optimum life and usage Moisten dry or chapped skin Most advanced ultrasonic diffusion in a simple to use design Total flexibility and control of use time with automatic run dry shut off peace of mind Designed in an attractive bamboo wood grain finish the Scent & Soul Ultrasonic diffuser looks great in any setting and especially so in low light settings where you can program the light colour or have a gentle, rolling colour changing spectrum. Gorgeous curves in a BPA free housing make for a great ornament that will deliver amazing health and wellbeing advantages. Created, stocked and sold by a UK brand who deliver world class service and support you are in safe hands. Our website offers informative articles about uses around pets, getting the best from your diffuser, which essential oils will help for different ailments and many more topics. Our oils are 100% pure, ethically sourced and paraben and cruelty free leaving only the benefits for you the user.

100% pure essential oils gift pack
Aroma: Floral
Benefits: Soothing, balancing and relaxing.

Aroma: Strong aromatic
Benefits: Revitalizing and invigorating

Sweet Orange
Aroma: Strong aromatic
Benefits: Revitalizing and invigorating

Aroma: Fresh, strong minty zest
Benefits: Invigorating and revitalizing

Aroma: Fresh, strong minty zest
Benefits: Invigorating and revitalizing

Tea Tree
Aroma: Fresh, strong minty zest
Benefits: Invigorating and revitalizing

Top Picks collection of gorgeous 100% pure essential oils brings together the most popular and versatile essential oils in bigger 15ml glass bottles ensuring longer life. What are essential oils? Essential oils have been used medicinally for hundreds of years. Oils are considered essential in that they contain the essence of the plants fragrance. They are best used in aromatherapy diffusers but can also be heated over a candle flame, diluted with a carrier oil or in other ways. Please visit our website for further information on oils and their uses. Inside each Scent and Soul top picks selection is 6 Glass bottles containing Lavender Tea Tree Lemongrass Eucalyptus Peppermint Sweet Orange For best results use in an aromatherapy diffuser. If using in a candle burner place 1-2 drops to the water dish.